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FMTY and travel thoughts- Part 1

  Fly Me To Yous- A dream come true for both parties!                I love the idea of being whisked off to another country by someone. It's so romantic, and while the dream is normally an impulsive weekend getaway, I must admit I'm a sucker for planning trips and the anticipation. It's a worthwhile stress, planning a trip. If you're like me, you spend hours looking at different hotels, weighing pros and cons for each one like "This one is far from *insert interesting spot here* but it's cheaper, is that worth it?" or "Ooo but this one has breakfast cooked to order for NO SURCHARGE" <-- that one there is a dream, not a reality. I've never seen this but if you find me such a hotel... I will be very appreciative. And for a client, potential date, whatever you'd like to be called, I'm sure it's a fantastic experience! Finding someone you'd love to spend time with, and making it happen despite distance? Or making the trip of a